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We offer world class service since 1997 and please look into the below mentioned glossary with the updates we have made in each year. We also have an spacious waiting hall to accommodate 50 people at any point of time.
1997 - Ultra sound with black and white machine GE-RT 3200
1998 - Color Doppler machine GE logiq 400 CL
2001 - Axial CT GE Sytec 1800I
2004 - 3D / live 4D Color Doppler machine medison SA 9900 prim.
2005 - 3D Spiral CT Scan GE Hi speed DXI
2005 - 500 MA X-ray.
2010 - FUJI Digital X-ray, Voluson expert 3D/4D ultra sound machine, Philips HD 18 color doppler.